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Oscar Kneppers is Founder and CEO of Rockstart, a Startup Hub and Accelerator that helps 10 promising startups every year to launch their products worldwide, by providing them with seed investment, a network of 100+ mentors, office space in the center of Amsterdam in an intensive 100-day program, followed by a 3-month summer program focused on funding and bridging Amsterdam with Silicon Valley. 

Oscar has been at the heart of the Dutch start-up scene for five years now, and is considered a successful serial entrepreneur and celebrated internet publisher. Since 1998 he launched several cross-media brands, all focused on new media and technology.

Oscar started his career with the Dutch publisher IDG (1991). At IDG he created the first Dutch internet magazine ‘Net Magazine’ (1994) and a successful technology channel Webwereld (1995). In 1998 Oscar started his first business and launched Emerce, a magazine and website on e-business, marketing and technology. Emerce -sold in 2002- is still considered the most prominent Internet and e-commerce mediabrand in the Netherlands. In 2005 Kneppers launched Bright, a cross-media title for digital lifestyle, creative design and innovative technology. In December 2007 Kneppers launched Bright.TV, an online video channel on Tech, Style and Design.

Event role

'What businesses can learn from startups'

Oscar Kneppers and Jelle Prins will share their knowledge about startups and the lean startup methodology. In the past five years that Oscar has been responsible for accelerator Rockstart, he has been advising, coaching and supporting startups in all kind of industries. He will be accompanied by Jelle Prins, Design Manager at Uber, who already worked on Uber’s first app in 2009. They will share their learnings, and will give you valuable tips to work and think as a startup in your own company. Stop suffering from the slowness and hassle that can come with hierarchy and having 1000+ employees, and learn how to be and act more like a startup!

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