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South Africa

Design Principal of Foresight and Innovation, Philips

As Design Principal of Foresight and Innovation, Reon Brand is responsible for researching and understanding emerging future directions at Philips. Reon has a background in science and entrepreneurship. While working at the telco Vodacom in South Africa, he discovered the importance of paradigms in understanding complexity and embracing a forward-looking view to create meaning and value. His thinking contributed to Philips' shift from an industrial company to a knowledge organisation.

Reon actively collaborates with universities and other parties to explore futures and transformative practices. One of his latest publications is 'Co-Emerging Futures', a model that reflects on streams of future change and emerging developments during profound global challenges. He also co-authored the paper 'Rethinking Value in a Changing Landscape' that explores different socio-economic paradigms. His research provides inspiration and guidance for initiatives in future probing, innovation, value creation, and education.

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Track expert

'Designing for what’s next'

Maintaining a focus on the long run, rather than getting bogged down in short-term thinking, means having a perspective that looks beyond the immediate future to consider the potential outcomes and consequences of decisions and actions over an extended period. It involves prioritising goals and objectives that are important and meaningful in the long term and working towards them deliberately and consistently. By staying true to their organisation's vision and mission and taking a proactive, strategic approach to change, design leaders can help ensure that their organisation remains relevant and resilient in the face of disruption and uncertainty. This track focuses on long-range, big-picture thinking and how to move teams and organisations into the exciting unknown.

Friday, September 15, 14:30 - 18:00

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