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John Calian is the co-founder, CEO and Managing Director of trust2core, a blockchain infrastructure start-up recently launched out of Deutsche Telekom and owned by T-Systems International.

John was previously a Senior Vice President at Deutsche Telekom AG, and the Head of the Telekom Innovation Laboratories (T-Labs) in Berlin; a group of some 300 experts & scientists (+ entrepreneurs) from a variety of disciplines, from more than 25 nations all working together at T-Labs.

At T-Labs, John was responsible for developing and leading innovation teams and topics, including blockchain strategies and initiatives, machine learning techniques and customer experiences, for Deutsche Telekom and its partners. Prior to joining T-Labs, he held numerous technology leadership roles and was the founder and COO of multiple startup software firms in the Seattle area, including Movaya and Kopo Kopo, a fintech company that enables businesses in emerging markets to grow through digital payments.

John holds an MBA in Technology Management from the University of Washington in Seattle, and a Bachelor’s of Arts, History degree at the University of Colorado Boulder.

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Case study

'Aligning incentives: innovation in the corporate world'

Research and development focuses on bringing disruptive ideas into products and services, often challenging the status quo. Yet, in a corporate environment it takes more than curiosity and cleverness to succeed. One must spend an equal amount of time on politics, budgets and sales. In short, the key is to align ‘incentives’.

Hear from John as he describes the model they have created at T-Labs, the innovation lab of Deutsche Telekom.

Thursday, September 10, 12:30 - 13:15

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