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Bart Schutz is a renowned consumer psychologist on digital behaviour and digital experimentation. He (co-)founded two digital agencies and has devoted his career to finding the genuine ethical drivers and influencers of humanity's behaviour. Backed by the latest IPCC report, he firmly believes that behavioural change plays a crucial role in solving crises related to people and the planet. 

By studying mental states, perceptual, cognitive, emotional, and social processes and behaviours, psychologists - as well as designers - can contribute to achieving positive behavioural change when using knowledge and understanding of people's behaviour and drivers to seriously increase sustainability. This influenced Bart to found and chair the 'Social & Economic Psychology' department at the Dutch Institute for Psychologists (NIP). He is a board member of the 'Climate & Behavioural Change' expert group, as well as the task force 'Ethics' and is a guest lecturer at several universities. As a consultant, Bart assists organisations in realising their long-term goals by creating purpose-driven cultures of experimentation and 1st party customer intelligence.

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Keynote speaker

'Ethical everything; how to prevent unethical practices'

Most unethical practices within service design are unintended due to a lack of awareness from relevant actors. Hence, unwillingly, designers might negatively impact people and planet. Bart unveils why and how this happens and what steps to take to ensure our design efforts are ethical and create a better future for all.

How can we cause less harm through service design? How can we continue to improve the ways in which we influence individuals, communities, and the systems that support society and all life on our planet? Behaviour change plays a crucial role in crises related to people and the planet. We can be the architects of behaviour change. Bart invites you to join the movement that shifts the paradigm from short-term earnings to long-term learnings. Let's unveil the drivers and effects of human behaviour together, and look at the role and responsibility we have in shaping our future!

Saturday, September 17, 10:00

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