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Oscar García Pañella, PhD partners at Cookie Box as a Gamification consultant. He is the academic director of ENTI (The New Interactive Technologies School) of the University of Barcelona besides coordinating the Gamification programs at IEBS Business School. He has worked as a Serious & Applied Games Researcher in EU Projects such as Robogenius, Playing for Real or jamToday, to mention some. His research keywords include Gamification, Serious Games, Game Design, Virtual Entities and Realities and Multimedia Apps plus Videogames, Location-based Entertainment, Alternate Reality Games, Edutainment and Games 4 Health.

Oscar has advised the design and creation of serious games and gamification campaigns for companies such as KPMG, Seat, Sanitas, Lander, Suez, Pernod, Springer, Underwater Gardens, Accenture, etc. He loves to solve simulator-related challenges and learning opportunities from the ‘experiential multimedia’ and ‘learning-by-doing’ views.

He lectures at several universities such as URL, UB, IEBS, TBS, IESE, CETT, and he has been on stage at the IMSC (Integrated Media Systems Center, University of Southern California), the VIS Lab (The Henry Samueli School of Engineering) and at the Entertainment Technology Center (Carnegie Mellon University). Oscar holds a B.Sc. degree in Telecommunications, besides a M.Sc. and Ph.D degrees in Electronic Engineering and a PostDoc in Entertainment Technology at Carnegie Mellon University.

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'Game jam - learning from serious game design to co-create service solutions'

Currently, methods like focus groups and co-creation workshops are being used for design research. But what about jams?  The videogame industry is quite fond of using game jams as co-creation processes that emerge as the most suitable and efficient workshops to find the best user-centric solutions. These jams have grown in size and importance over the last 10 years while being applied to other sectors as well. Game jams allow mixing roles and profiles, activating the creative potential to co-create games, products, and services other than games.

This unique jam is specially designed for the audience of the Service Design Days using gamified methodologies and a new set of tools. The jam protocol emerges from the field of Serious (Applied) Games... more >

Friday, September 11, 14:00 - 16:30

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