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As a Design Lead at the nonprofit design studio from IDEO, Ich Gichuki creates thoughtful and integrated experiences, services, and spaces that ladder up to greater impact. With a background combining service design and IT, he loves to work with people and organisations to measurably improve user satisfaction, retention, cost-to-profit ratios, and digital transformation.

Prior to, Ich worked as a service designer at Marathon, consulting with companies to think through problems and build solutions that deliver value to customers and employees. He also worked for Trade and Impact, designing trade systems for economic growth and improved livelihoods at TradeMark East Africa, DFID, ICF Africa, USAID and UN-HABITAT in developing countries in East, Central and Southern Africa.

Ich holds certifications in’s Design Kit, Systems Practice by Acumen, and Managing Projects from The George Washington University - School of Business. He has been a board member of Two Hands International, a nonprofit organisation which identifies and supports motivated youth from underrepresented communities to engage in global leadership and international education activities.

Event role
Case study speaker & masterclass leader

Case study
Designing for millions of underserved and hard-to-reach populations'

In this talk, Ich will dive into three case studies by, where they built technology solutions in emerging markets for meaningful access and inclusion of millions of users who are underserved, non-tech-savvy, have low literacy and numeracy skills and are hard-to-reach.

Find out how design can be used to create empathy to understand edge case users in difficult circumstances and build wholesome solutions for them.

'Designing solutions for the edge case'

While most of us design solutions that are accessible to most users, daily, over a million people, largely from emerging markets, and increasingly from rural or remote areas will go online for the first time. They speak multiple languages, but struggle to read or type. For most of these people, their first exposure to the digital world is through their phone.

For someone new to it, technology can be exciting and intimidating. Internet access opens the door to a world of possibility. But before you can enter, there’s a lot you need to know: How to navigate from screen to screen. What’s tappable and what’s not. What all those strange icons mean. How to find search results in a language you can read. How to stay safe. How to even begin... more >

Saturday, September 17, 11:30 (case study) & 15:00 (masterclass)

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