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Carol Tang is a relentless problem-solver and optimistic designer energised by her exposure to creative challenges and discovery of patterns in the world and human beings. She traveled around the world to work with passionate changemakers, sharpened her innovation skills across borders & industries – from the Tropic to the Arctic, from start-ups to enterprises.

Currently, she is the Lead Design Futurist in the Creative Play Lab of the LEGO Group. Her key focus has been hacking the innovation process through play – empowering adults to explore possible futures with creative thinking and strategic foresight, hence increasing the odds of meaningful products and businesses designed for our children. As a futurology manager she pioneers the use of a foresight toolbox to anticipate disruptions and diversify strategic options. Together with strategists and innovators she co-creates resilient strategies, business models and plays ideas with future consumers in mind.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, a fast paced city flooded with mixed culture, she is devoted to design that attempts to bring a better change in life. Her journey to explore and create great experience stretches from Asia to Europe; from startups to international enterprises. Before joining LEGO Group, Carol worked at organisations such as IDEO and Google. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication from Hong Kong Polytechnic University and a master’s degree in Interaction Design from Umeå Institute of Design.

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Case study
'Designing futures through play'

Organisations and teams are building capabilities to cope with the growing uncertainties in the futures. And most of them are doing it by an overflowing of trend reports, high-level discussions in front of screens, behind a closed door. No wonder many of our decisions are made of linear dreams of success, rather than strategic choices among possibilities. There ought to be a way to innovate better together – a way to explore opportunities and risks in the long run – so we can bring humanity back to what we do despite the complexity.

On her way to design the next awesome LEGO play, Carol has found that the gown-ups need good quality play as much as the kids to learn and unlearn. Play is a brilliant way to build future worlds in a creative and collaborative manner. What if we can use more play and less presentations at work? What if we can prototype and simulate the impact we can make through our designs? Let’s play to find out.

Friday, September 16, 11:30

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