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As a Design Research Lead at IDEO, Hannah Rosenfeld puts her innate curiosity to work transforming compelling human needs into impactful solutions for (and with) her clients. A technological curious researcher, Hannah is particularly interested in how human-centered design can help emerging technology make it out of research labs and into people's lives by matching it with real, meaningful and commercially viable needs. More than just problem solving, this approach draws on her skills in problem finding, and her ability to understand and articulate compelling design opportunities around them.

Since joining IDEO Cambridge as a Design Researcher, Hannah has worked across a range of industries and impact areas from consumer electronics to retail, healthcare to financial services, and of course, emerging technology. Before joining IDEO, Hannah spent several years in India, collaborating with non-profit organizations and social enterprises to help them identify a path to achieving triple bottom line success. This unique professional background has given her a strong interdisciplinary and cross-cultural perspective, which she brings to all of her projects.

Hannah holds a BA from Washington University in St. Louis and a Master of Interaction Design from Carnegie Mellon University.

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Case study speaker

Case study

'Human-centered design in a tech-obsessed world'

We’re in the midst of unprecedented technological evolution that is reshaping the very systems that govern the way we live, work, and interact with each other and the world. As we make sense of this seismic shift, grappling with what emerging technologies mean for us as individuals and communities, companies are navigating increasingly ambiguous markets and are looking for innovative opportunities to disrupt the status quo.

When this quest leads clients to the design company IDEO, their interdisciplinary design teams jump in, parsing fact from fiction and using ethnographic research to uncover latent needs that point towards human-centered opportunities. This often means speaking hard truths, making tough trade-offs, and digging into the less-than-glamorous work involved in designing with and for extraordinary new technologies. In her case study presentation, Hannah will surface relevant themes from across IDEO’s portfolio, highlight the complementary methodology of their collaborative R&D network, the IDEO CoLab, and share best practices for human-centered design in a tech-obsessed world.

With the human-centered design process as their anchor, Hannah and her colleagues leverage new tools and nuanced approaches to explore the potential of emerging technologies and find creative ways to act on the design opportunities they present. Join Hannah for a candid conversation about what it takes to design human-centered solutions in a tech-obsessed world, and what it looks like when companies embrace the humble courage it takes to do so.

To be announced.

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