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Anne Beate Hovind is an urban developer who commissions and produces art in public spaces. She is the curator of the world renowned Future Library in Oslo, a public artwork by Scottish artist Katie Paterson, which will unfold over the next 100 years challenging our concept of time, as well as of trust. Future Library challenges our concept of time. One thousand trees were planted in Nordmarka, outside of Oslo. Each year, an author is invited to write a text. When one hundred years have passed, the trees will be felled to make paper on which to print these texts. Until then, no one may read them.

Anne Beate began her career in urban planning. She built a hospital and for many years she worked on improving the passenger experience at Oslo Airport. She gradually spent more time working with public art transforming the urban experience and became project director of art in Bjørvika Utvikling – an organisation responsible for building all public space construction in one of Oslo's neighbourhoods.

Over the past 20 years, Anne Beate worked at the interface of art, culture and business where she has gained a vast amount of experience in realising complex and original projects. In 2018, she received the Oslo Municipality's Artist Award for her work with art in the city

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