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Anton Schubert is Head of design at Vincit, a Finnish design and development company. His goal at Vincit is to scale the design team and the design competence in line with Vincit's technology core business, and to develop a unique and differentiating position for Vincit in the global market.

Anton is a design industry veteran with more than 25 years of experience, working with global customers in numerous design consultancies in Europe and the US. His experience covers multiple domains and design led projects with brands such as VW, Samsung, Prada, Lufthansa, Ford, Vodafone, Allianz, Nestle and P&G amongst many others.

His early passion from childhood was to be a model-maker and he finally studied design prototyping at St.Albans school of Art and Design in England after many years of working as a truck mechanic.  He was lucky enough to land a job at IDEO and spent 10 years there, working in their London office. In more recent years Anton has built and led successful design teams in Helsinki, Stockholm and London with a brand and marketing agency called 358 and then later with Futurice, and then as a partner with a brand strategy agency called Inc.

As an ex IDEO pupil, Anton has always been a strong believer in user-centered design and co-creation as a methodology and mindset to create great experiences that are meaningful, and deliver real positive impact for people and societies. This belief in the power of design has led him in the last few years to question the role and responsibility of the designer. His aim going forward with design is to evolve the way designers think and work and to make sure they incorporate sustainability into their everyday design toolbox.

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Case study

'Designing for digital sustainability'

In the last century, many innovations have delivered immense value, but at the same time, they have come at a huge cost, responsible for terrible damage to the environment. They are now threatening the very well-being of our people and planet. In part, capitalism coupled with user-centered design and rapid digitalisation has helped us to accelerate consumerism to unprecedented levels. Meeting end-user needs to sell more, has been the sole metric of success for designers and businesses alike. 

But what about digital services? Far less is known about the negative impact of digital services. Do people really understand what happens behind the scenes of a user interface the moment they press the 'BUY' button? In his talk, Anton will propose a critical evolution to user-centered design that he calls Planet Centric Design. He’ll also share some early ideas, methodology and work in progress for a new way of working for designers that helps us to have more influence on the real world value chains that deliver the digital services we use every day. How do we engage in this kind of work with our customers? How do we measure the impact of planet-positive digital design? And how do we better understand the negative offline implications?

Friday, June 14th 12:30

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