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Kieron Leppard is VP Experience Design at Huge, a global experience agency. At heart Kieron is an Interaction Designer. He designs how people interact with brands, products, services and experiences to get something done. His job at Huge is simple - make things people love.

He is an advocate of design-led change in large organisations, and is passionate about growing design teams and believes unconditionally in design's power to improve people’s lives. In his 18+ year career at agencies and consultancies he has had the opportunity to apply his skills to some of the world’s leading brands including Ferrari, Selfridges, British Airways, Amex, Warner Bros, Verizon and RBS/NatWest.

In addition to leading Experience Design at Huge London, Kieron judges work for Creativepool and the MUX awards. Prior to Huge he worked for Sapient Razorfish for 8 years in the UK, USA and Middle East. Kieron holds a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence and a MSc in Human Centred Computer Systems at University of Sussex.

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Case study

'Weaving magic into customers' lives'

Keeping loyal customers, and growing their loyalty, are massive challenges for businesses today. So massive, the loyalty industry including CRM, loyalty management, tech and transaction enablers and customer engagement are worth $323 billion. Entertainment franchises have the luxury of attracting massive, highly emotionally connected fandoms that any other business would envy. But even they are not immune to this challenge, and must constantly innovate and invest in these relationships.

In 2017 the Wizarding World franchise (inclusive of the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts franchises) had two big challenges: It had a proliferation of disjointed and disconnected digital channels and physical experiences, and with the franchise surpassing its 20th anniversary it was looking to reinvest in old fans and foster a new generation. Wizarding World Digital, a new joint venture between Warner Bros and The Blair Partnership, had been formed as the means to create an entirely new, best in class fan experience that bridges the digital and physical world, with Huge as their partner.

Their challenge was to deeply understand fans' extraordinarily high expectations and imagine new ways to exceed those expectations using existing and emerging technology. From enchanted keys hidden around the world to an interactive magical journal, we helped define the new free and paid fan propositions, and resolve over 20 years of franchise fragmentation. Here’s how they did it, and how you can apply their design and business thinking approach to your fans, er, customers.

Thursday, September 10, 12:30 - 13:15

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