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Heidi Ettanen is leading global Design Operations within Experience Design at the H&M Group- capturing, maturing and evangelising customer-centric design practices, scalable design processes and empowering career structures, humbly serving an international design community of 120 designers and researchers.

Heidi gets inspired by seeing people succeed and shaping the future of work. Having previously lead product development at a virtual office startup, focusing on improving engagement in remote and hybrid team constellations, she moved towards shaping the future of design work and is now dedicated to employees, designers’ ways of working and career progression - a field much talked about, but still taking form as a discipline. For Heidi establishing Design Operations as a function is about putting service design into action for the good of the design community.

Heidi has a broad experience in working both in-house and in agencies as well as in different industries, from gaming to NGOs and fashion retail. She started her career as a graphic designer, moved to product design, gravitated towards service design and found herself in innovation management before joining H&M Group.

Event role
Case study speaker

Case study
'Scaling design without losing creativity'

Starting a DesignOps function in an environment that has grown to its size rapidly and organically, with every new individual bringing their personal best practices into the mix, can be challenging. How to start scaling up processes and practises and streamlining collaboration without it becoming an unwanted standardising satellite that people are either ignoring or actively trying to avoid?

In this interactive session, you will explore the power of frameworks beyond the obvious and learn how to leverage one’s personal interests in creating traction on processes. Heidi is on a quest to formalise how experiences are designed at scale, trying to understand what parts in that scaling process can be beneficial to standardise, and what can benefit from growing organically. In her talk, you will look and experience DesignOps from a different angle with the use of a simple framework that illustrates how creating experiences is not (only) magical, but also rooted in structural ways of thinking.

Friday, September 16, 12:30

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