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Erik Roscam Abbing is a consultant, teacher and thought leader in brand driven innovation, customer experience and service design. In his work he brings together the disciplines of branding, innovation and design. Having studied Industrial Design Engineering at the Technological University of Delft and Design Management at Inholland/Nijenrode, Erik has worked as a practicing product designer for 10 years before founding his consultancy Zilver Innovation in Rotterdam, the Netherlands that has recently merged with leading service design consultancy Livework. Erik and his team consult for a variety of international clients in the product and service industries. He uses a set of proprietary methods and tools that are described in his book ‘Brand Driven Innovation’, as well as in several papers and publications he contributed to. Livework's services include customer insight research, brand development, innovation strategy, and customer experience design.

Erik is also a parttime teacher at the school of Industrial Design at the Technological University of Delft, the Netherlands where he develops and teaches classes related to strategic design, design thinking and branding. Next to that Erik is a guest teacher at the Hochschule Luzern, Education Director of the Master in Design Management programme at Eurib Rotterdam and contributor to MBA programs in Mexico, Vietnam and Amsterdam. Erik is the initiator and producer of the documentary ‘Design the new Business’, that explores how design thinking is influencing 21st century businesses. He is also the founder of ‘’ a platform for online user insight research.

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'The value of Service Design: convincing stakeholders'

While Service Design is gaining ground and developing traction, many of us are still confronted with questions from clients, colleagues or bosses: “Why should I use this method instead of what I’m already doing? What value does it generate that we can’t unlock with our existing processes and methods?”. For Service Design practitioners, or those who wish to embark on a service design project, it becomes more and more important to be able to answer these kinds of questions very clearly and articulate the value of Service Design very precisely. In this workshop Erik Roscam Abbing will unfold a framework for defining and communicating Service Design value. It takes into account different stakeholders, different types of value, and different communication strategies. Based on Erik’s research into brand driven innovation and the role of brand as organizing principle, the framework provides a shared vision and coherent focus when embarking on a Service Design project. After the workshop you will be much more confident making a compelling, value based, case for Service Design.

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