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Idris Mootee is Co-Founder and Chairman at Institute of Human Futures and IC Ventures. He recently left Idea Couture, a global innovation firm. Idris founded Idea Couture in 2007 and the firm was acquired by Cognizant in 2016. Idris stayed on as Global CEO until August 2018.

Idris is a board level advisor, working with global leaders on corporate strategy and transformation, with a focus on the high velocity change that is taking place as a result of the technological disruption in industries. Idea Couture’s client list includes organisations such as Starbucks, Samsung, LG, Citi, MIT, PepsiCo, FedEx, Cisco and Burberry.

Idris' mission is helping large organisations seize their full potential through emerging technologies and service design. He is the author of four books on business and innovation including the best-selling ‘Design Thinking for Strategic Innovation’ which is widely used in graduate design education. He also designed and taught a Design Thinking Program for Corporate Creativity at Harvard GSD.

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'Your business model has expired. Now what?'

Many of today's global enterprises are on autopilot. Over 50% of them are operating on an old or almost expired business model. Around 30% of them are just a few years away from the end game. These large companies are all screaming change and transformation but merely rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. It is not about their intent nor putting their best efforts; it is a very hard job to change and transform. The structures, systems and leadership styles are prohibiting them. Decades of best practices in management control systems, business processes and efficiency initiatives are making them vulnerable to disruptions.

Every organisation needs to explore new white space to facilitate product and service innovation. But this is even more complicated when an opportunity spans across multiple industries and business units. The lines between product design, service design, operations design and business design are blurred. So it is time to start rethinking the design of your business model. All organisations have to deal with the challenge of designing a sustainable business model. Service design is a key component of any business model transformation and there are many gaps for organisations to fill. So, whether you are a business enterprise, government or not-for-profit organisation, before your business model has overly expired, it is time to act.

Saturday, October 6th, 9:45

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