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The Netherlands

Ethical hacker / Security specialist, SecureIT

Alex Scherphof, Security Specialist and Founder of SecureIT, is an ethical hacker who aims to bridge the gap between cybersecurity and other domains. At an early age, Alex got into the hacking scene through obscure channels, and after being a grey hat hacker for a few years, he chose to make his career out of it. After completing a bachelor in computer science engineering, he founded SecureIT, a company that provides in-depth cybersecurity services to small and medium-sized businesses.

Besides his work at SecureIT, Alex is also a cybersecurity lecturer at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (RUAS). In this role, he is responsible for the security curriculum of the computer science engineering programme, as well as coordinating the Security Lab minor programme. As a lecturer, he aspires to teach students the hacker mindset, enabling them to identify exploitable weaknesses in systems and people.

In recent years Alex has been active at many cybersecurity events in the Netherlands, mentoring students at security competitions and as a speaker at public events. He has also given multiple presentations and workshops at educational institutes in Finland. To further expand his security horizon, he also graduated from the Executive Master in Cybersecurity at Leiden University. Outside of work, Alex likes to challenge himself with hacking challenges, further automate his home,  or travel off the beaten path in the form of urban exploration.

Event role

Expert talk

'User engagement and the human factors of cyber security'

As the need for software and application solutions keeps increasing, so does the amount of data collection. While much data is voluntarily given by users, a lot of meta-data is also invisibly collected. From a design perspective, maximising user engagement with your application is vital to its success. Many methods can be employed to achieve this goal. However, companies behind major platforms increasingly choose to use user (meta) data to create a targeted and personalised experience. What are the consequences of collecting this data? How ethical are these methods? Can malicious actors use these methods?

In this session, Alex will take you through the human factors of cybersecurity and show the similarities between these user engagement methods and strategies employed by malicious actors. The session will be a combination between a presentation and a discussion.

NOTE: Participants for this session will be asked to take a short personality test. The results are used to aid discussion during the session and will be sent in advance. Results are processed anonymously and sent to the provided email address. No further data will be collected on the participants. Results will not be shared with other participants. After the session, all data will be deleted.

Saturday, September 18, 12:30

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