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Daniela Petrillo is Service Design Manager at Humanitas, a highly specialized teaching and research hospital certified by the Joint Commission International in Italy. As she conceives the hospital as a perfect machine that never sleeps, she works across the complexity of processes for a wide range of customers, from employees to patients, trying to find the right design-match among the parts.

Daniela believes in the role and added value of design in daily care, so she has her professional experience rooted in healthcare, becoming a representative staff member, after working as a consultant. Her challenge is to bring design issues to the decision-making level in healthcare companies, simplifying the experience of “care” from two – or more - points of view: the care givers and the care takers. It requires methods and tools, but also a lot of timing and patience.

Before working at Humanitas, Daniela was Chief Design Officer at Centro Medico Santagostino, where she created the eponymous department. Previously she earned a PhD in design at Politecnico di Milano, actively working on well-being in the urban context, considering the virtuous use of urban-tactism in peripheral areas to build reassuring environments. While researching, she lead various associations in participatory design projects in Milano Bollate prisons.

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Case study

'Designing culture, delivering care'

In Italy, service design and healthcare have recently found each other in the opportunity to be actively involved in the debate about 'human-centricity' in caring services. If you, like Daniela, decide to face this challenge, you'll have to be ready to reinvent yourself without losing reliability and professionalism in daily practice. At the same time you'll learn in how many ways the human-centered concept can be conceived. Especially in a hospital, where human beings and life are celebrated at their most powerful and impactful value.

Daniela will share her vision on how hospitals and other care organisations can embrace the 'human centered' approach from a design perspective. She will also share her own story, being a Service Design Manager in a medical center, serving a wide range of clients from colleagues to patients, and working on the complex, and moreover old, mechanisms that slacken innovation in designing and delivering a new care experience. The role of service design is determinant because of its holistic approach, navigating through the needs of digital transformation, and the milestone of Hippocratic Oath. Daniela will share what she has been doing to accomplish this ongoing mission with empathy, patience and strategic thinking, still creating design cultures where and when customers’ need is to feel safe and accepted.

Friday, June 14th 12:30

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