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Joanna Brassett is the director and a founder of Studio INTO, a research, design and innovation consultancy. Joanna combines the world of creativity, business and social science. At Studio INTO she translates cultural insights into innovation opportunities and business strategies, developing co-creation and creative workshops, based on profound, human-centric research. She manages cultural research and innovation projects for brands such as P&G, LEGO, Nike, Policy Lab/Cabinet Office, MaxiCosi, Uber and McDonalds. 

After graduating with BA Hons. Product Design from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design she worked as a designer at Tin Horse Design Ltd., where she was articulating brand values through 3D packaging. Joanna then studied for an MSc in Culture and Society at London School of Economics, which encompassed social science disciplines such as sociology, anthropology and social psychology. With a specialisation in in-depth consumer research, and cultural and social trend analysis, she joined the design and innovation consultancy Seymourpowell as a Senior Design Researcher and Strategist in their Foresight team. In 2011 she founded Studio INTO. 

Joanna has been talking at TEDx, and also has been lecturing at Central Saint Martins as Associate Lecturer, at London School of Economics on the Entrepreneurship Programme and is Visiting Professor at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Department of Design, Dessau, Germany.

Event role
Case study speaker & masterclass leader

Case study

'Driving value in innovation: the interaction between local knowledge and global context'

For global brands the time with a 'one size fits all' strategy lies far behind. But how to find the balance between cultural and commercial value? In their talk Joanna and Saswati,UX Research Manager for International Growth at Uber, explore the ways in which local and global cultures impact one another and the daily lives of Uber’s customers. Their talk utilises social science and cultural theory to bring insight into the how and why of using services. Looking at Uber, they will emphasise the importance of creating outcomes that are grounded in local knowledge but embedded in global context, by balancing the macro, socio-cultural drivers with micro-level consumer insights.


'Driving value in communication: research and design strategy in context'

We are forward-looking species. Speculation (speculor: watching, peeking, scouting) is an integral part of us. But often when it comes to business speculation, of course, speculation is not enough. So we observe the world, people and culture... more >


Saturday, October 7th, 11:30 am (case study) and 14:30 am (masterclass)

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