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Nina Warburton is Head of Design at Philips Personal Health. She leads a world-class team of design leaders for the Philips Personal Health Cluster, which includes Grooming & Beauty, Oral Healthcare, Mother & Childcare and Women’s health. With three decades of experience in design and innovation, she has successfully led numerous teams in both consultancy and corporate environments across various industries and topics. Her expertise encompasses tactical and strategic design approaches for product, digital and communication design, as well as inclusive design and experience-led design. In her current role, she prioritises delivering solutions that align with user and business insights, addressing human needs while driving business growth.

Prior to her current position, Nina looked after design for the Mother and Childcare business, as well as consumer-centric innovation at Philips Consumer Lifestyle and the value proposition creation for the entire multinational company. In these global roles, she collaborated across all functions and departments to establish a structured approach, ensuring the end-user remained front and centre, from insights to execution.

Before joining Philips, Nina spent over ten years as the Director of TheAlloy, an experience-led design consultancy. This tenure provided her with a deep understanding of the significance of inclusive design. Nina has actively contributed to the development of inclusive design in both practical and academic contexts, bringing its principles to life and documenting the results in numerous papers and publications.

Nina's passion for design, people, innovation, and business, with the aim of improving lives, originated during her studies in Design for Industry at Northumbria University, from where she also holds a PhD in Design Research. Her experience spans across consumer durables, electronics and telecommunications, professional products, FMCG, medical/professional, and service industries.


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'Introspecting leadership'

The leadership qualities of the past don't work anymore. A future design leader must be personable and proactive, with clear ethics and values. A servant leader who motivates and strives to empower their teams. A humble leader who is accessible, sitting among their team members and initiating dialogue with them. By creating an environment in which individuals feel empowered to take ownership of their work and contribute to the collective mission of the organisation, design leaders can create a culture of resilience that can withstand the challenges of a complex and uncertain world. This track focuses on developing self-awareness and being mindful – fully present and aware – to become a more effective leader, making wise and brave choices for the future.

Saturday, September 16, 15:00 - 18:30 

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