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Greg Bernarda’s work is to lead others in working collaboratively to design the future they and their stakeholders (really) want. He works with leaders and organisations across ecosystems to create business models that bring positive change to their customers and themselves. He is a co-author of the bestselling book 'Value Proposition Design’, the sequel to ‘Business Model Generation’. Being one of Strategyzer's coaches, he teaches the yearly Strategyzer Masterclasses in Singapore and Melbourne.

Greg’s clients range across sectors and geographies, including among others: Danone, Colgate-Palmolive, Baxter, Michelin, Volkswagen, ABB, Mastercard, Roche, Richemont, Tencent, Alibaba, Pekin University and Harvard Business School. Prior to establishing his advisory practice, Greg worked for a decade at the World Economic Forum, engaging members in tackling global and industry challenges.

Greg is also a co-founder of the Hanwang Forum in Beijing, China, the Lift:Lab in Geneva, Switzerland, and the annual NOE Programme in Evian, France. He’s an advisor to Utopies in Paris, and at JUCCCE in Shanghai. Having worked for years as a meeting and community designer he fully appreciates the keys to designing and facilitating engagements that make change happen.

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Keynote speaker

'Why 21st century leaders need to think beyond business'

Many organisations approach innovation incrementally. They miss out on the much bigger promise of re-aligning their business with what moves and shakes the 21st century. Those who get it think like city mayors. They don’t just look after their own house but take responsibility for the entire city. Mayor-leaders operate at the level of the ecosystem, beyond the traditional purview of the company. They create new dynamics of value creation that generate multi-fold returns for themselves and their stakeholders.

In this talk, Greg Bernarda unfolds a new narrative for what business can become and takes us through a model of new value creation. It's at once a new way of thinking and working. For leaders, this is a perspective for renewed relevance and growth, but also the opportunity to embrace the next generation of talent while participating in the making of the new economy and aligning their business with the advancement of society. It's also a talk for those who no longer want to live different lives in private and in the office. In the 21st century, values unleash value and create better outcomes for all involved.

Friday, September 16, 10:30

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