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Innovation catalyst Søren Lethin has spent over 30 years at the LEGO Group, with almost 25 years immersed in various areas of LEGO's front-end innovation. His background in both marketing and design has played an instrumental role in leading numerous strategic projects across all audiences and ecosystems. With his brave and inventive mindset and energetic passion for creative and imaginative play, spiced with an open, playful, and collaborative leadership style, Søren has been driving and inspiring design as well as go-to-market teams in both incremental and radical novelty challenges. His approach has always been to be curious about the world and relentless in being people-centred when creating 'new play/business' for the LEGO Group.

Recently, he consolidated all his experience into helping brand teams around the business by championing and facilitating positive change and future-proofing their innovation foundation and roadmap. This little agile 'internal agency,' called Innovation Everywhere, goes from brand to brand to catalyse collaborative design thinking and transitions, helping them to co-discover and co-ideate when designing product and service solutions. The Innovation Everywhere team also drives 'new ways of working' tools rooted in a simple model they call 3xC (Consumer, Commercial, Culture). A toolbox that ensures an outside-in focus on consumer 'jobs to be done' and cultural shifts when innovating for the future. Instead of focusing on incremental improvements, the Innovation Everywhere team supports a transition from a short-term, inside-out perspective to innovating for the future based on a holistic outside-in approach. This transformational approach has elevated the innovation in several brand teams from a follower to a leader in the toy market.

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'Designing for what’s next'

Maintaining a focus on the long run, rather than getting bogged down in short-term thinking, means having a perspective that looks beyond the immediate future to consider the potential outcomes and consequences of decisions and actions over an extended period. It involves prioritising goals and objectives that are important and meaningful in the long term and working towards them deliberately and consistently. By staying true to their organisation's vision and mission and taking a proactive, strategic approach to change, design leaders can help ensure that their organisation remains relevant and resilient in the face of disruption and uncertainty. This track focuses on long-range, big-picture thinking and how to move teams and organisations into the exciting unknown.

Friday, September 15, 14:30 - 18:00

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