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Tomás Domínguez Vidal is Chief of Staff at Buenos Aires City Government's Innovation Lab. Former Project Director at LABgobar, Argentina's Central Government Lab, where he lead an interdisciplinary consultancy team specialised in service and strategic design for public policy. Working from government for government, LABgobar engages with public officers and decision-makers to address complex challenges and change the way the public sector traditionally delivers services.

Tomas started as the first member of the project team and has been passionately contributing to its development for the last 3.5 years. Prior to this Tomas co-founded Latio, an ed-tech startup focused on 21st-century skills for entrepreneurs and professionals, where he developed and managed the B2B business unit. Before this, he worked as the Customer Experience Manager at DIRECTV and in the non-profit sector.

Tomas's heterogeneous background led him to become a fundamentalist of design, change and user-centric mindset in the public sector, which will be crucial to face the many post-COVID challenges. His experience includes teaching, facilitation, research and co-creation processes. He also supports companies and startups with their innovation strategies. Tomas has a degree in Business Economics and postgraduate studies in Public Policy and Organisational Studies.

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Case study speaker

Case study

'When governments need to nudge people towards new behaviours'

The COVID crisis has exposed that many governments still have a lot to learn when it comes to influencing people’s decisions and actions without the use of power. What happens when we switch from the old and simple method of enforcement and approach citizen's behavioural change as a design problem?

Collecting tax money from their citizens is one of the oldest challenges every form of government has faced since ancient civilisations. In a city in which half of the neighbours are taxpayers and the other half are non-payers, Argentina's Central Government Lab led a project to address this issue through behavioral design.

Tomas will walk through the project’s phases and learnings, sharing how ethnographic research can build the case for a paradigm shift and reflecting on the benefits of low risk experimentation in public policy.

Saturday, September 12, 16:00 - 16:45

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