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Inga Kiskyte, Chief Service Designer at Volvo Group, works with design at strategic, operational, and organisational levels. Inga acts as a change, transition, and transformation partner for different business areas while supporting a company's journey towards servitisation.

Specialising in customer experience and service innovation, Inga has nearly 10 years of international working experience in the automotive, healthcare, education, entertainment, and retail industries. Inga built her career path from a Marketer and Sales Manager in a small retail business setting to the first Chief Service Designer of the Volvo Group, an industry-leading company operating in 190 global markets.

In her current role, Inga is responsible for scaling service design competence and helping, educating and supporting internal clients as they develop customer-focused strategic service business plans. Inga has been recognised for enabling the company's collaboration, reconciling perspectives and advocating customer value. She has successfully performed and led global research studies, rethinking service offering structures in the context of changing future challenges.

Before joining Volvo Group in 2017, Inga led design-inspired projects with multidisciplinary teams within private and public sectors, some of them in business incubation and acceleration contexts. Inga holds a BA in Design and Applied Arts from Vilnius Academy of Arts and an MSc in Business and Design from the University of Gothenburg.

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Expert talk
‘The playfield between products and services’

Products are increasingly becoming platforms for delivering services and are decreasingly seen as primary objects of economic exchange. With close to 80% of the total EU gross domestic product value being based on the service industry, most companies, especially larger ones, have to shift their business logic from selling products to delivering experiences and outcomes.

Almost no business can escape this playfield to remain competitive, meaning that a service-centric mindset is critical to guarantee business success. To some organisations, it is a call for internal transformation. For design to be a supportive force, we need to design for both better services for customers and better business results. The cornerstone is linking different levels more closely together – from the operational level to organisational change.

Join Inga’s talk to hear about her experience in embedding service design within a large manufacturing business. She will share examples of what practices let service design be a strategic business tool for making short and long-term decisions and how this discipline can become increasingly established as an important change-maker for an organisation.

Friday, September 17, 12:30

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