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We are a cross-disciplinary platform for change makers, influencers, and decision makers of small and large organisations, involved in product and service innovation, organisation transformation, and value creation through design. It is a unique platform that brings together strategic designers and business strategists to learn, share and co-create together, through live- and online sessions.

One of the ways to boost cross-disciplinary knowledge sharing and bring new insights and meaning to the worlds of design and business is by organising the Service Design Days. In September 2020 we organised our 5th anniversary conference edition online. Currently, we are transforming our community platform into an ongoing learning environment. We want to break silo thinking, combine our joint creativity, and contribute to common challenges. Together we enable innovation, transformation, and personal growth to develop design leadership that positively contributes to 21st-century problems.

Would you like to unleash your creativity, and tackle both small challenges and wicked, complex problems? Are you looking for new ideas, best-practices and tools how to innovate and transform in a human-centric, design-driven way?

Join us! Register here and learn from researchers, innovators, professors, service designers, customer experience strategists and others.

Get inspired by stories from small start-ups to large corporates how to reframe challenges and develop valuable solutions. Practice creative and strategic thinking with approaches such as design thinking, open innovation and systems thinking. And experience how service design can contribute to human-centric problem solving and forward-thinking innovation.

Leading design
for design leaders

We are excited to announce that next year, we are planning to organise the learning retreat 'Leading design for design leaders’. This retreat is designed specifically for mid- to senior-level design leaders who want to move from growing and leading small teams to leading design departments.

As design has become the key link between users and today’s complex and rapidly evolving digital and physical experiences, many design leaders recognise that it’s not just the product of design or strategy, but the practice of design leadership that ultimately affects the customer experience. The learning retreat provides design leaders with a mix of theory, principles, practical guidelines, and the inspiration to create and lead design teams within all different types of organisations.

This unique training, spread over 4 days, is a full immersion in design leadership, and an investment in yourself and your career journey. You’ll leave inspired with a clear set of practical takeaways and a toolkit for defining the core operating rhythm for your design team.

The retreat takes place in the intimate setting of an inspiring, modernist boutique hotel in the historical part of Barcelona.

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Student Service Design
Challenge 2021

Together with Philips, IBM and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation we organise the Student Service Design Challenge. This challenge is a unique and international design competition amongst students, celebrating excellence in service design. It is initiated by Philips Experience Design with the aim to challenge creative minds to envision service design concepts that matter based on an actual, tangible, real-life case they can relate to.

The overall theme is ‘access to care’ (Sustainable Development Goal #3), which we think is an important topic for young designers, with the current - not always positive - legacy of older generations. Each year the challenge invites a new generation of designers to take part in shaping the future of care, and designing for people's health, well-being and welfare. Based on local research by the students they select an occurring situation that needs improvement and a human-centered service or product-service solution.

Students are encouraged to work in multidisciplinary teams. The teamwork will stimulate their collaborative creativity and excellence for a chance to win a 10-week design-in-residence as well as a monetary reward. And it's a unique opportunity for students to work with regarded experts in the fields of innovation, design and care.

In 2020 over 35 teams joined the competition. To showcase the service concept of the winning team from University of the Arts London and other insightful concepts we will organise a unique virtual exhibition during the Dutch Design Week 2020: an immersive presentation of service design solutions focussing on underserved people in healthcare.

See the challenge website for more information.

Past conference

Service Design Days events have been organised since 2016. They focused on how to ‘stay fit for the future’ (2016), ‘deliver value and be valuable’ (2017), ‘adapt to change’ (2018), ‘innovate for sustainable futures’ (2019), and ‘a blended tomorrow - expanding design horizons with technology’ (2020). As people’s needs and demands evolve, it is becoming more difficult for organisations to live up to the expectations of their customers, their employees, and society as a whole. Coping with continuous change, solving problems, and staying valuable are permanent challenges.

A mixed group of international experts addressed these challenges. Their fields of expertise span across the entire range of disciplines under the Service Design umbrella and beyond.

Watch a video impression below and read more here.