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Mario Gamper is Partner and Managing Director at BCG Digital Ventures. This corporate investment and incubation firm - part of the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), invents, builds, scales and invests in startups with the world's most influential companies. Mario is part of the leadership team of the BCG Center for Mobility Innovation, and is also co-leading BCG Digital Ventures in the Nordics.

Mario is an experienced intrapreneur with a proven track record of building high-performing cross-functional, multidisciplinary teams of innovators, entrepreneurs, engineers, creatives, growth architects and investors. With more than fifteen years of experience in design, technology and innovation, he believes in building long term viability where every step of the development process gets the consideration it needs. Mario’s primary focus is driving human-centered innovation – from initial research to tangible prototypes and MVPs.

He was part of the founding team that started BCG Digital Ventures in Berlin in 2014. Before joining BCG Digital Ventures, Mario lead ideation and strategy teams at an innovation lab in Berlin, working on new mobility solutions with cross-cultural teams of scientists, digital hackers, and engineers. Other previous work experience includes building an award-winning digital design agency in Berlin, and developing and implementing a new business model for a digital subculture experience space in Seoul, Korea. Mario has a master’s degree in General Rhetorics & Philosophy at the University of Tuebingen and the University of Miami.

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'We are what we build'

The painful realities of the Anthropocene show that focusing on human-centered delights might be as difficult to sustain for our planet as only aiming for short-term shareholder value. Creating and building services and products that are as sustainable as they are desirable is becoming key to being a good (service) designer.

But how do we turn this new understanding into reality - at scale? How do we participate in and accelerate the transformation of a global economy full of players that struggle to find and take the path forward? Many social entrepreneurs start from scratch to build value in a new way, but it won’t be enough if we don’t also change how the traditional business world innovates.

One way to accelerate change in traditional corporations is to help them build new businesses. Using their strength and assets as a lever for change. Service Design frameworks play a key role in managing the complexity of balancing multiple dimensions of impact: commercial impact, user impact, and societal impact. Making sure the next generation of business is as attractive for investors as it is for the planet.

Friday, June 14th 12:00

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