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Mikaela De Smedt is an Analyst at Structural, an agency that provides a new kind of analysis and design, and a member of a special unit attempting something new and difficult: Sequencing the designs of all sorts of infrastructures and services that make up the societal genome. She is responsible for integrating into the technical method the broader human concept of 'offer and consideration'. She also plays the role of editor, making sure everything Structural produces meets a journalistic standard.

She is passionate about making knowledge accessible to all parties as a way to achieve fairness in society. Her formal interests include political marketing, interdisciplinary qualitative research and the dynamics of the media landscape. Together, these interests find a juncture in the pursuit to make complex social needs and commitments more pragmatic, achievable and verifiable.

Mikaela has a BSc in Social Sciences from the University of Leiden with a specialisation in International Relations and Organisations, as well as a minor in Communication Science from the University of Amsterdam. She is now furthering her education studying political communication at the Faculty of Information at Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Event role
Masterclass leader

'Finding the smallest possible changes'

This interactive masterclass is in the form of a simulation. The European Commission has funded an inquiry into the structural problems in European airports to avoid future meltdowns like the one at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport. The inquiry is led by a design council whose members include senior service designers from industry and government, along with strategists, logisticians, lawyers, and accountants. The chairperson of the council is a savvy civil servant who understands the difficulties of attempting big changes when improving anything when several stakeholders are involved in serving entire populations. She has asked her team to study a post-mortem analysis of Schiphol case and identify the smallest possible changes that would lead to major improvements... more >

Friday, September 16, 15:00

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