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Juhani Haaparanta is the Managing Director of Nordkapp, a strategy and design consultancy based in Finland. The firm has been rewarded for its work by around 40 different industry awards, and was chosen company of the year in 2020 in Finland because of its impact on the design industry.

As Managing Director, Juhani leads experienced designers, strategists and technologists who are enabling growth by crafting ideas into tangible solutions for clients like Nokia, Telia and ING. Besides leading design projects in multiple industries from energy to fintech and telecoms, Juhani is providing direction to Nordkapp towards becoming a globally renowned leader in the field as a new kind of hybrid consultancy.

In his earlier roles as Principal Designer at Microsoft and as UX Design Lead at Nokia Design he managed design initiatives and collaborated with several leading digital service providers, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google and Spotify. He holds an MSc degree in Usability, Knowledge Management, Industrial Management from Tampere University of Technology.

Juhani’s educational background in design, business and technology, combined with never-ending curiosity on new technologies and his practical experience in working with global development projects, has given him a wide set of tools towards combining design methodologies with strategic thinking - always focusing on creating solid value propositions and tangible solutions from abstract definitions.

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'Making design more than just a process'

For years, we designers have worked hard and fought to get a seat at the table. Finally, the value of design starts to be understood within companies of all sizes and kinds - from startups to multinational corporations and from industrial manufacturers to all digital retailers. However, understanding the value is way different than doing the design. The multitude of design processes seem to fail from one reason or another - where double diamond has transformed one company, it utterly fails on another and where lean experimentation culture drives innovation on one place, for others it is completely impossible to start even a single test with real customers.

Our profession needs to start realising that no single company can be treated the same. Design is not something we eject from a vacuum and believe it will fix or improve companies as is. On the contrary - similarly as we learn from humans when we are innovating to create new solutions, we need to be humble and curious towards the organizations and company structures we are working in. How to bring design driven culture - the right set of principles, right tools, right people, right stuctures and right mindset - to a company is as important as the end solutions itself.

At Nordkapp, Juhani and his team have been working with a holistic approach on the design maturity. Instead of focusing only on the traditional product and service development focused assessments, they assess companies through three themes: Mindset, Culture, and Systems. By working on these topics with stakeholders they create actionable roadmaps not only for the purpose of healthier design structures but also for building a solid baseline for the team/organisation/company long term success. Juhani will introduce the setup for actionable design maturity toolkit and guide you through examples on how to start easily improving the maturities of your company and clients through a series of exercises and canvases that lead to an actionable maturity roadmap.

Saturday, September 18, 11:30


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