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After 4 years working as Head of Service Design at Audi, Eleanor Chin Derix started her PhD at the University of Technology Sydney in 2018 at the Interaction Design and Human Practice Lab.

For over 15 years, Eleanor has specialised in applying user experience design to strategic design projects. She has been responsible for growing the user experience, digital and service design capabilities at international agencies, including Fjord, Designit and frog design. Translating these consultancy skills to lead the service design team at Audi’s Business Innovation group, she led efforts to create and implement mobility innovations that looked beyond the traditional ownership model of the automobile space.

Over the course of her career, Eleanor conducted research all over the world to identify opportunities for, and inspire the design of, new products and services across a range of industries. Against an accumulation of stories about people’s experiences, she began to develop an uncomfortable sense that she needed to examine the unintentional consequences of technologies intentionally designed to disrupt. Which led to her current research at UTS.

Eleanor has always believed strongly in connecting industry with academia. She has tutored, lectured and ran workshops at the Universities in the UK, Germany, Australia and Mexico. Eleanor holds a Master of Arts in Industrial Design Engineering from the Royal College of Art in London, a Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College London and a Diploma in Industrial Design Engineering, also from Imperial College London.

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’Designing for the messiness of everyday life’

We live in an age where digital technology can be looked to as a solution for all our unmet needs and underpins almost every aspect of our daily lives. We have become experts in creating products and services that intentionally disrupt the status quo, and that attempt to respond to every human desire. Our focus on seamless human-computer interaction has created a world in which we are engaged and increasingly reliant on pervasive technologies.

Meanwhile, the effect of these disruptive technologies on our interactions and relationships tend to be overlooked and tend to have be seen as unintended consequences. However, in reality, there always seems to be a degree of social disruption associated with the introduction of a digital disruption, and it is important that designers are able to acknowledge and explore this.

In this talk, Eleanor Chin Derix will explain how her experience in the digital design and industry led her to want to innovate the way in which we understand the messiness of everyday life for which we are designing, in order to design better realities.

Thursday, September 10, 11:15 - 11:45

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