Adapting to

Change is here to stay. A growing number of new service concepts are entering traditional markets. Customers are more demanding and their needs and habits change rapidly. Climate change and scarce natural resources are heavily impacting the daily life of individuals, businesses and societies. And new technologies require different skills from employees.

So, organisations and individuals cannot sit still, wait and see what is next. They all need to adapt constantly to these dynamic micro and macro environments. But, although human beings are used to change, we’re not experts in anticipating and coping with new situations. Employees are used to their way of working and to the processes inside their organisation.

Hierarchical layers and barriers in the value chain hamper close contact and personal interaction with customers and do not support a proactive, innovative culture. But to stay relevant organisations, of all sizes and sectors, must play the game.

So, how to adapt to change? How to step out of comfort zones? How to listen, empathise and understand new human behaviour? Filter signals to respond to customers’ and users’ unarticulated needs? How to facilitate processes and make your company ready to address the challenges posed by the speed of change? How to move innovation forward and make change happen? Find answers at the third edition of this conference.


The Service Design Days is a cross-boundary conference for entrepreneurs, managers and influencers who are involved in product and service innovation and the (digital) transformation of organisations. The event focuses on service design for decision makers and connects strategic designers with business strategists and vice versa.

The 2018 edition of the Service Design Days will take place in Barcelona on Friday and Saturday, October 5 and 6. The 2018 program offers two days of insightful masterclasses and case studies, and new views and knowledge from experienced keynote speakers. Two new elements have been added to the program: participative lectures and round table sessions.

You can learn from researchers, innovators, professors, service design managers, customer experience strategists and strategic design thinkers how to become ready for change. You will get inspired by stories from small start-ups to large corporates how to re-invent your business. You can practice creative and strategic thinking with approaches such as design thinking, open innovation and systems thinking. And you will experience how service design can contribute to human-centric problem solving and forward-thinking innovation.

New event

We are proud to announce that we have found a new home base in the heart of the most innovative part of Barcelona, District 22@: Disseny Hub Barcelona (Design Hub Barcelona). This iconic melting pot of design is situated next to Jean Nouvel’s famous Torre Glòries and houses the Barcelona Design Museum, the Barcelona Design Centre and FAD, an independent, non-profit organisation that promotes arts, design and architecture.

Our new location is better equipped for our masterclasses and case studies. Keynotes will be given in a large, modern auditorium, overlooking the city and the Sagrada Familia. Networking drinks will take place on a beautiful terrace. And with the beach nearby, we even might go to the seaside to watch the sun go down.


Courtesy of BAAS Arquitectura

Below you’ll find a selection of our speakers, lecturers and masterclass leaders. They work for agencies, consultancies, universities, startups and other small and large organisations. They are mentoring, coaching and leading change, transition and transformation. They are authors of academic and professional books and have published work in leading academic and practitioner journals.

Their fields of expertise span across the entire range of disciplines related with service design such as: human-centric innovation, design-led (digital) transformation, ethnography, anthropology, design thinking, social design, systems thinking, business design, lean startup, customer experience, and participatory design.

2017 edition

The Service Design Days 2017 focused on how to ’deliver value and be valuable’. As people's lifestyles constantly evolve, it is becoming more difficult for organisations to live up to the expectations of their customers, their employees, and society as a whole.

A mixed group of international experts addressed these challenges. Their fields of expertise span across the entire range of disciplines under the Service Design umbrella and beyond. Watch a video impression below and read more here.