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We are in a world of transition. We are moving from an era in which many organisations defined their own growth as the ultimate goal, to one in which growth is redefined as collective well-being, empowerment and participation. Thus, values as individualism, competition and market primacy are replaced by the new societal values and shared principles: trust, relationship and collaboration.

To contribute to this collective transition successfully, society-centered innovation must become the new standard for any organisation striving for sustainable impact. Which means: rethinking, reframing and redesigning the way in which we define impact and growth, address systemic problems and innovate.

This is why service design plays a key role. Design that understands and empathises with the diversity in humans’ behaviour, needs and context. Developing services that address these needs, creating unique and valuable experiences for each and every person.

It’s time to reflect, to redesign ways to reframe problems, in order to design solutions that could not be found before. It’s time to innovate for sustainable futures. Together we can create a future all of us want to be a part of!

New set-up
Service Design
Days events

Ever since the start of it we have hosted the Service Design Days main conference in October, in our beloved city Barcelona. But October is a busy month with a lot of interesting conferences to choose from. This forces you to select where to go to, and what to skip. For future conferences we want to avoid this situation. So, as of 2020, we will organise our main conference in early spring. Make sure to reschedule your agenda and join us then!

In anticipation of this, this year we host specialised, smaller-scale summits in different cities in Europe: experiences co-designed with global and local partners. Together reframing wicked problems, sharing cross-industry cases and methodologies and co-creating service solutions.

Each summit focuses on innovations for sustainable futures, this year's theme. We will look at it from different angles using relevant topics and cases.

The first summit of this year will be organised in Barcelona, in partnership with the Barcelona Design Centre (BCD) and will coincide with the Barcelona Design Week 2019.

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SDD summit
at the Barcelona
Design Week 2019

This summit will engage you into the relevance of creating shared value and addressing societal challenges as a source of innovation and organisational growth. Inspiring change makers will share cases about services that have created valuable experiences, and have made a difference.

We will rethink well-being, and talk about the design of service solutions that create a positive impact on individuals and society. From solving ‘wicked’ problems, empowering grassroots and communities, to overturning deep-rooted ideas and disrupting fossil markets. You will hear perspectives from different industries, contexts and stakeholders.

The summit will take place from June 13 till June 15, as part of the Barcelona Design Week 2019. The main venue for this event will be the Disseny Hub Barcelona.

elow you’ll find a selection of speakers and masterclass leaders, working for agencies, consultancies, universities, startups, and other small and large organisations. Their fields of expertise span across the entire range of disciplines related with service design: ethnography, social design, design thinking, systems thinking and experience design.

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The Service Design Days is a cross-disciplinary platform for change makers, influencers, and decision makers of small and large organisations, involved in product and service innovation, organisation transformation, and value creation through design. It is a unique platform that brings together strategic designers and business strategists to learn, share and co-create together, through live- and online sessions.

We started the Service Design Days to boost cross-disciplinary knowledge sharing and to bring new insights and meaning to the worlds of design and business. But our ambitions grew beyond that. We want to break silo thinking, combine our joint creativity, and contribute to common challenges.

Would you like to unleash your creativity, and tackle both small challenges and wicked, complex problems? Are you looking for new ideas, best-practices and tools how to innovate and transform in a human-centric, design-driven way? Join us, and learn from researchers, innovators, professors, service designers, customer experience strategists and others. Get inspired by stories from small start-ups to large corporates how to reframe challenges and develop valuable solutions. Practice creative and strategic thinking with approaches such as design thinking, open innovation and systems thinking. And experience how service design can contribute to human-centric problem solving and forward-thinking innovation.

Past editions

Service Design Days events have been organised since 2016. They focused on how to ‘stay fit for the future’ (2016), ‘deliver value and be valuable’ (2017), and ‘adapt to change’ (2018). As people’s needs and demands evolve, it is becoming more difficult for organisations to live up to the expectations of their customers, their employees, and society as a whole. Coping with continuous change, solving problems, and staying valuable are permanent challenges.

A mixed group of international experts addressed these challenges. Their fields of expertise span across the entire range of disciplines under the Service Design umbrella and beyond.

Watch a video impression below and read more here.