The first summit of this year will be organised in our beloved city Barcelona, in partnership with the Barcelona Design Centre (BCD). The summit will take place from June 13 till June 15, and coincide with the Barcelona Design Week 2019.


Rethinking well-being

Well-being and quality of life are becoming key success factors for a growing number of organisations. Values as individualism, competition and market primacy are no longer leading. Instead new societal values - trust, relationship and collaboration - are the guiding principles.

Recent research shows that companies that integrate societal consciousness in their core operations, perform better financially. Human-centered design is well-placed to help realise this transition. Driving a better understanding of citizens, patients, consumers, students and other customers, helping to identify their demands and hidden barriers. And empowering organisations and their employees to create unique and valuable experiences for each and every person. Experiences that will help organisations to achieve their missions - from spreading optimism to supporting people in every stage of their lives.

So, how to improve our view on well-being as a driver for innovation and positive change? How to look at problems from a human perspective? How to design services that contribute to people’s happiness, and help individuals to participate in society, become healthier, and feel more empowered? And what can we learn from NGOs and care providers, for which human centricity lies at the core of their activities?

The summit will engage you into the relevance of creating shared value and addressing societal challenges as a source of innovation and organisational growth. You will practice new methods, approaches and strategies. You’ll hear fresh ideas and new perspectives from different industries, contexts and stakeholders. We will focus on two Sustainable Development Goals: Improving people’s positive functioning and well-being (#3), and Empowering and building sustainable communities (#11).


For the summit a mixed group of international experts will come on stage. Below you’ll find a growing list of the speakers and masterclass leaders, working for agencies, universities, startups, and other small and large organisations.

Their fields of expertise span across the entire range of disciplines related with human-centered innovation and service design, such as: social design, business design, systems thinking, experience design, and design thinking.


This summit features 3 days of inspiration, with Friday, June 14, being the main conference day. At the heart of this day lie interactive masterclasses complemented by (case studie oriented) keynotes. This will take place in one of the most iconic buildings of Barcelona: Disseny Hub Barcelona (Design Hub Barcelona), a melting pot of design in the heart of innovative and creative Barcelona, District 22@.

On Thursday, June 13, you are invited to join the Service Design Tour, visiting one of Barcelona’s leading Service Design agencies (Designit, Fjord, INSITUM, Nacar and We Question our Project). They are opening their doors for you, and will give you an intimate peek behind the curtain, sharing knowledge, methodologies and cases.

The official summit kick-off will take place in Space SIMON 100, the renovated factory from the lighting company SIMON. During this interactive opening session, you’ll not only meet awesome fellow participants but also get valuable insights in the meaning of empathy and how this could inspire your interactions during the summit.

On the final day, Saturday June 15, we are offering a special masterclass given by design experts from This is a limited seating masterclass, so early registration is strongly recommended (first come, first served policy).


DAY 1, Thursday, June 13

The following agencies are opening their doors for you:

Designit - an international strategic design consultancy founded in Denmark in 1991. Cristina Bustillo, Strategic Design Director, together with other Designit’s experts, will welcome you and share some of their future challenges.

Fjord - a design and innovation consultancy, founded in 2001. Karina Ibarra, Design Lead and responsible for the team, will give a presentation about the Fjord Trends 2019, and share with you a couple of meaningful projects they have developed.

INSITUM - a global strategic innovation consulting firm with more than 16 years experience. Yoel Lenti, Partner and Head of the EU office will welcome you and share a few examples of their work related with sustainable futures.

Nacar - a strategic design agency with over 20 nationalities on board. Bern Donareu, Partner & Founder of Nacar, along with the leads of each discipline, will welcome you and put the agency’s design process into perspective by sharing inspiring cases.

We Question Our Project - an action-driven service innovation agency. Co-Founder Marc Garcia will share how they work with real scale prototypes, and how they have developed and implemented a service for elderly people along 600 care centres in Spain.

19:30 - 21:30

Official kick-off & warm-up drinks

DAY 2, Friday, June 14

Entrance, registration & coffee

9:15 - 9:40
'Services are the soft infrastructure of society'
Lara Penin (Parsons School of Design) & Barbara Adams (Wesleyan University)

9:40 - 10:05
'Why is good design so hard to do?'
George Aye (Greater Good Studio)

10:05 - 10:30
'Designing for the next billion'
Matthew Guilford (Telenor Health)

11:00 - 11:30
'Elevating voices'
Meagan Durlak (

11:30 - 12:00
'Designing for transformation by valuing people'
Paul Gardien (Philips Design)

12:00 - 12:30
'We are what we build'
Mario Gamper (BCG Digital Ventures)

'Creating shared value as a new business model'
Thomas Sutton & Sara Manzini (frog)

'Social Startup: a journey like no other'
Prasoon Kumar (billionBricks)

'Designing culture, delivering care'
Daniela Petrillo (Humanitas Research Hospital)

'Designing for digital sustainability'
Anton Schubert (Vincit)

‘Understanding moods and emotions - Introduction to emotional literacy’
Dan Newby (School of Emotions) & Renatus Hoogenraad (CoCreation School)

‘How to say no and still grow your business’
George Aye (Greater Good Studio)

‘Healthcare twister: finding the sweet spot to enable service innovation’
Sara Manzini & Zuzana Peskova (frog)

‘Designing dementia-friendly communities’
Lekshmy ParameswaranLászló HerczegAirí Dordas (The Care Lab / fuelfor)

‘From problem solving to problem caring’
Adrià Garcia i Mateu (Holon) & Prasoon Kumar (billionBricks)

Detailed information about the masterclasses can be found here.

DAY 3, Saturday, June 15

10:00 - 10:15

Entrance, registration & coffee

'Methods for invisibility'
Meagan Durlak & Edwin Mwai (

Detailed information about the masterclasses can be found here.

Note: On the main conference day, the masterclasses will be given parallel in time. Because of a maximum capacity per masterclass, allocation will be based on registration order. The same principle counts for the Service Design Tour.


Barcelona Design Week 2019

From June 12 to June 19, Barcelona offers more than 100 activities from the worlds of design, innovation and creativity. 'Transitions' - the title of the 14th edition of the Barcelona Design Week - invites companies, entrepreneurs and professionals to enjoy a program full of exhibitions, design tours, symposia, performances, and a lot more.

The Barcelona Design Week is a founding member of the World Design Weeks network, and is rated by Dezeen magazine as one of the best design events of 2019. The previous edition of the BDW welcomed a record number of over 43,000 visitors.