At the 6th edition of the Service Design Days, a mixed group of international experts will ask you to actively join them in their journey to challenge the status quo. This year’s speakers and workshop leaders aren’t the usual onstage experts. As you know from us, we firmly believe that you’ll learn the most from professionals who roll up their sleeves day in, day out and get their hands dirty, so to speak. Who put their knowledge to the test on a daily basis, struggling with real-life issues, inside their organisation’s or their client’s, towards building a better society.

At SDD2021, more than ever, these types of professionals will take the stage. From fintech scale-ups to global players with a proven track record, from innovation labs to platform companies. Their fields of expertise span from AI and ethical hacking to ethnography, from organisational design and DesignOps to transformation design and change management, from anthropology and psychology to design for wellbeing. And they are in various stages of their careers. We believe it’s time to let young talent share their modern view on the role of design and creative leadership. Let’s listen in to their perspectives.

So, be prepared! The conference setting is totally different. Not for nothing; the theme of this year is breaking out of the design bubble, both literally and metaphorically. Which means that you won’t be the average audience, and the line-up won’t be the ordinary speakers. Be prepared to dive into an upside-down set-up. Open up to be your own guinea pig, experiment and prototype, and step out of your comfort zone. Up to the challenge? Ready to be shaken out of your routines? To look at things from a different point of view? Have a look at the growing list of speakers and their interactive learning activities!