How can service designers deliver value faster? Enterprises, startups, nonprofits, and governments are all asking for results in record time. In response, service design is shifting to a leaner, faster practice with closer ties to both transformation and delivery. Jeff Gothelf, lean and agile evangelist, and Jess McMullin, veteran service designer, work together with Service Design Days to compile a special workshop that is offered as an add-on to the SDD2020 program for less than half of its regular price. The workshop is scheduled over two conference days: Thursday afternoon and Friday afternoon, September 10 and 11.

This workshop will teach you how to remix proven service design practices to meet this rising tempo. You will get to know and practice methods like discovery prototyping, hypothesis mapping, and sketchboarding that help shorten the time to delivery (and in turn, boost organisational flexibility and adaptiveness).

Methods alone aren’t enough to shift to a faster pace. It’s one thing to deliver once. It’s another to create an organisation where this tempo is a habit. Participants will also learn how to apply ‘agile’ (and more importantly, agility) and design mindsets beyond digital and service design to create an organisation that works with continuous learning and flow. Building on the proven track record of Lean UX, Sense and Respond, and new emerging methods from across the service design discipline, Lean Service Design offers a practical framework and tools for service innovation at a modern pace.

Thursday, September 10, 14:00 - 17:30 CET and Friday, September 11, 14:00 - 17:30 CET

The two afternoons will be filled with a broad mix of lectures, discussions, group work, hands-on activities, and videos.

The planned agenda will cover:

  • Introductions, the Sense and Respond mindset, adapting in an accelerating world. Adaptation and flexibility for individuals, teams, and organisations. Culture is what you do. Fast, Cheap, and Good - sometimes you can have all three.
  • Rapid discovery prototyping. Simple but powerful co-design methods for quickly understanding, triaging, and designing systems, services, and futures.
  • Remixing service maps for faster solutions and better, simpler measures. Using journeys to drive to delivery and cut through KPI clutter. Shifting how we work from deliverables to radiators and hubs. Visibility as beauty.
  • Service design experiments and the opportunity loop. Intentional failure is simply learning. Key approaches for testing and measuring services. Growing business credibility with outcomes over outputs.
  • Gaining traction in your organisation. Integrating service design with continuous learning and continuous delivery. Culture change by design and by delivery. Sense, respond, and you.
  • Wrap, feedback, and farewells.
Who may benefit from this workshop?
This workshop is for designers ready to explore the territory beyond the typical journey map to get to more adaptive services and more responsive organisations. In addition, this class will teach you how to ensure that service design is always present in the conversation and ways to connect it with other experience design activities the organisation is engaged in.

The following experts may benefit from this workshop:

  • UX and service designers looking for methods that not only help to design better services faster, but also lead to better measurement, help create more responsive organisations, and grow the business credibility of design.
  • Product managers and entrepreneurs looking for a competitive advantage in finding and keeping product-market fit in a world where most startups are creating services, but don’t realize the impact of that shift yet.
  • Consultants and managers involved in digital transformation who need to synchronize the rest of service delivery with the pace of digital agility.
  • Leaders at all levels of the organisation who want lasting culture change to become more adaptive, flexible, and resilient.
Key takeaways
Key takeaways will include how to:

  • Remix service design practices to get to value and learning faster.
  • Get out of the deliverables business and spend more time making, measuring, and learning.
  • Shorten cycle time to lay the foundation for adaptive culture.
  • Demonstrate the links between speed, feedback, organisational adaptation, and business success to your colleagues or clients.
  • Run your own measurement mapping workshops to design more effective indicators.
  • Use table top prototypes for powerful and simple co-design sessions through your design process from discovery through to delivery.
  • Extend service maps by adding new logic and solution layers on top of the conventional journey paths so that you align teams across your organisation and get to value sooner.
  • Design rapid, low-cost experiments to test your minimum viable service across multiple touchpoints.
  • Transform organisational culture with design and agile mindsets to foster a more adaptive and responsive organisation that is able to thrive in a complex world.

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To attend this workshop, a PLUS ticket is required. Please note that this workshop is scheduled over two days and will overlap some of the conference activities. Information on pricing and availability can be found here.